Thrillist just ranked all 16 Doritos flavors and Cool Ranch didn't even crack the Top Ten. It's lower than things like Salsa Verde, Spicy Sweet Chili, and Poppin' Jalapeño.

The writer admitted he's just not a Ranch guy and I can't help but feel Cool Ranch would have ranked way higher. Is this really a fair ranking then?

Take a look and see if you agree:

  1. Nacho Cheese
  2. Spicy Nacho
  3. Salsa verde
  4. Tapatío
  5. Dinamita chile limon
  6. Spicy sweet chili
  7. Jacked ranch-dipped hot wings
  8. Poppin' Jalapeño
  9. Flamas
  10. Dinamita fiery habanero
  11. Cool Ranch
  12. Blaze
  13. Supreme Cheddar
  14. Toasted corn
  15. Taco
  16. Simply Organic white Cheddar

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