A 500-pound Florida man has eaten his way to fame, maintaining a daily diet of 10,000 calories to maintain his massive gut.

"It's a challenge," Bryan says. He's known as Gainer Bull, and consumes three large combo meals and at least three sides per meal, amounting to four times the standard daily caloric intake.

About 20 years ago, Bryan was a lean 185 pounds. Now, he describes himself as an "erotic weight gainer."

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20 years of gaining started at 185. It takes time but worth it #gainerbull

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Gainer Bull's OnlyFans account has racked up more than 11,000 likes, and he also gets financial contributions. His account only costs $20 a month. He also shares photos to his Instagram page, which has over 8,000 followers.

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Belly rubs may be a two man job now #gainerbull

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Gainer Bull's fans mostly consist of people with fat fetishes, who are all over his Instagram.

“You still are one perfect, inflating, huge handsome bear," one comment said.

“Ready for a belly rub?” asked another follower on a different post.

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How many milkshakes can this tank hold? #gainerbull

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“These days just the regular eating keeps me going though sometimes an encourager or two like to really push me to go much farther,” Bryan said. But not all his comments are in support. Some are concerned about his health.

“The amount of strain you’re putting on your heart — I can’t quite believe that people are encouraging it," one commenter said.

Bryan said he struggles to find clothes that fit around his belly, as he's far surpassed XXXL shirts.

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