In a time where kids stay inside and play Fortnite for 15 hours straight, where they can't cross a street without Tweeting about it, it's refreshing to see a kid making his own paths to success.

Cory Carter, a 13-year-old in West Davenport, took lessons he learned from his grandfather to create fresh produce, and he's turning a profit.

His stand is pretty impressive looking, and can't be missed if you're driving by.

He's set up down in the parking lot of JW's First & Last Lap at 3803 Rockingham Road in Davenport, and if he's out for the day, he usually starts around 10am.

The stand was built with help from some family and friends on top of an old jet-ski trailer, to help Cory get his business going.

Cory sells a dozen ears of corn for $7/dozen. He opens on Mondays Wednesdays Saturdays Sundays at 3pm.

We asked Cory what he sells, and it's more about what he doesn't sell.

"Turnips, green beans, cabbage, sweet corn, tomatoes, carrots, apples, peaches, potatoes. There’s a lot. I’m working on pumpkins for this fall now too."

Once, Cory had someone come up and ask him if he had any melons, to which Cory responded "I don't have melons."


Listen to our conversation with Cory below.

Cory also runs his own lawn care business. Snow removal, lawn care, and gardening.

It's refreshing to see a kid doing something useful with his time, rather than stay up all night watching YouTube videos and playing Minecraft. Then again if Cory is, he's earned it.

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