In a world where we have to weld cages underneath our cars so that we don't have a $1,000+ and important car part stolen from us, it's time for enough to be enough.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas is the saying, but it's hard when the Wienermobile can't leave Las Vegas due to a catalytic converter theft.

Noah via Craigslist
Noah via Craigslist

In what can only be a "watch this" moment from some catalytic converter thieves, the exhaust piece was stolen from the bottom of the 27-foot-long hot dog bus, Fox 5 Vegas reports.

According to Joseph Rodriguez of Penske Trucks, they were able to give the wiener a quick patch repair to get it back on the road so the wiener could get to its next stop.

The news outlet said the tour for the Wienermobile was able to continue to its next stops over the weekend.

Wienermobiles can be spotted at any event, whether it's a hockey game, outside of your local grocery store, or even at drive-by birthday parades for kids with cancer. Let's have some class as a country.

It's not out of the norm for catalytic converters to be stolen and sold. Inside are precious metals worth a few bucks at junk yards, so thieves strike when they can to cut the piece of the exhaust system from a vehicle to sell.

Our radio station truck was the victim of a catalytic converter theft last year, right in the radio station's parking lot.


It's an atrocious crime, and it'll ruin the day of anyone who falls victim.

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