Are you ready to get Shocked?

This Saturday, July 15th, 2023, Quad City’s own ELECTRIC SHOCK takes over the stage at the Tangled Wood! With Special Guests: Made Ya Look and 7Ark kicking off at 7 PM!

Since 2014, ELECTRIC SHOCK has been perfecting the AC/DC show with a high energy performance, faithfully replicating AC/DC both musically and visually, proving they are the nations #1 AC/DC show! Playing all the classic hits and deeper cuts from both Bon Scott and Brian Johnson eras! This show is not just a tribute, but an experience that will give you the look, feel and sound like you are witnessing an actual AC/DC concert! ELECTRIC SHOCK has rocked the Midwest, appearing in various casinos, festivals, music venues, and special events across Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin. ELECTRIC SHOCK has performed as the opening act for Heart, Blue Oyster Cult, Fire House and more. This is a must experience! You may need a ride home after this one!
-The Tangled Wood

The Tangled Wood is a Bettendorf, Iowa gastropub located at 3636 Tanglewood Road. Your home for food, drinks, and friends.

If you recognize the name Made Ya Look, it's because you heard them on the Dwyer & Michaels show where they debuted their original song, Best You Ever Had. 

attachment-ES Tangled Wood Poster 2023

Electric Shock, Made Ya Look and 7Ark are all part of the Tangled Wood's Summer Concert Series Rock The Wood. 

Upcoming Rock The Wood shows include:

  • 7/21/23 Funktastic 5 (7-10pm)
  • 7/22/23 – The Allen Towne Band (5-7 pm) Howl At The Moon (7-10pm)
  • 7/28/23 – Fair Warning (7-10pm)
  • 7/29/23 – 10 of Soul (7-10pm)
  • 8/4/23 – Hap Hazard (7-10pm)
  • 8/5/23 – The Mamiltons (7-10pm)
  • 8/11/23 – Members Only (7-10pm)
  • 8/12/23 – The Shagadelics (7-10pm)
  • 8/18/23 – Matt Fuller Band (7-10pm)
  • 8/19/23 – Johnny Russler & The Beach Bum Band (7-10pm)
  • 8/25/23 – The Velies (7-10pm)
  • 8/26/23 – For Those About to Yacht (7-10pm)
  • 9/1/23 – Jelly Smack (7-10pm)
  • 9/2/23 – The King of Mars (7-10pm)
  • 9/3/23 – Threat Level Midnight with special guest Hartwood (6-10pm)
  • 9/8/23 – The Textures (7-10pm)
  • 9/9/23 – Heads In Motion (7-10pm)
  • 9/15/23 – Superfly Samurai (7-10pm)
  • 9/16/23 – Tom’s Top 8 (7-10pm)
  • 9/22/23 – Soul Storm (7-10pm)
  • 9/23/23 – The Dawn (7-10 pm)
  • 9/29/23 – Michael Mikrut Band (7-10pm)
  • 9/30/23 – Brother Trucker (7-10pm)

30 Photos of the Quad City Sunrise

What makes the sunrise so colorful?
According to, "At sunrise and sunset, the sun has to pass through more of the atmosphere than when it is directly overhead during the middle of the day, thus more scattering of molecules occurs. The longer distance of travel through the atmosphere causes more of the blue-colored wavelengths to be scattered before reaching our eyes."

So in a shorter answer... Science.
Now enjoy these photos!

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