Paul McCartney has said that The Beatles made up the name 'Eleanor Rigby' for their song of the same name, and that there was no real-life inspiration for it.

However, there is a grave with the name 'Eleanor Rigby' in a churchyard near where Paul and John Lennon met in Liverpool. Supposedly, they regularly walked through the cemetery, using it as a shortcut.

Now, the rights to that gravesite are up for sale. The plot will be sold alongside a miniature family bible from 1899 with the name Eleanor Rigby written inside.

How is the gravesite for sale in the first place? According to "The Guardian", British law usually gives people or families an "exclusive right of burial" for 99 years when they buy a specific grave space. Eleanor's grandmother apparently purchased the spot way back in 1915.

Long story short, whoever purchases the deed to the space could potentially be buried alongside the Rigby family. Which is cool, until you actually think about it, and realize how creepy it is.

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