Here are a few strange ways people celebrate Easter in other countries around the world.

  • Australia. In Australia, rabbits are considered pests that destroy crops and land, so companies now make chocolate bilbies for Easter instead of bunnies. A bilby is an endangered marsupial that's also known as a rabbit-eared bandicoot.
  • Florence, Italy. They have a 350-year-old tradition known as Scoppio del Carro, or "explosion of the cart." That's basically what it sounds like; a fancy cart packed with fireworks that's paraded through the city before being lit for a big fireworks display.
  • Greece. On the morning of Holy Saturday, people on the island of Corfu in Greece throw pots, pans and other pottery out their windows and smash them on the street.
  • Hungary. On Easter Monday, people in Hungary do something called "sprinkling," where boys and girls playfully sprinkle perfume, cologne, or water on each other.
  • Bermuda. On Good Friday, people fly colorful kites on the beach to symbolize Christ's resurrection and ascension into Heaven.

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