If you missed this, a video went viral earlier this week of a guy in a full Easter Bunny costume who got in a fight on the street in Orlando, Florida on Easter.

Well, it turns out the Easter Bunny wasn't as innocent as he seems.

We now know it was a 20-year-old guy named Antoine McDonald, and it turns out he's a fugitive who's wanted in New Jersey for a car theft from last fall.

There's more. He was also a "person of interest" in a carjacking and two armed robberies in Florida earlier this year. He's also been arrested several times in the past for violent armed robberies.

Antoine probably could have stayed anonymous too, except after the video went viral, he started talking to the media. And he even started an Instagram account called BadBunnyOf19.

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If there’s action I’m hopping into it! ‍♂️ #BADBUNNY #BUNNYGANG

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So now that he's Internet famous, the police in New Jersey are probably going to be pretty eager to get in touch with him.

Read more at Tampa Bay Times.


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