Many times I've seen my cat, Rosie, go after a bird in the yard.  Most times she misses & the bird flies away unharmed.  Many times she nabs it & has herself a feathery meal.  One time in particular I noticed her going after the bird...coincidentally during our own supper time.

Rosie killed the bird...played with it a bit...and then, to my surprise (and families horror), she swallowed the thing WHOLE!!!  Way to go, Rosie!

Nature isn't pretty.  Has never claimed to be.  Anyone watching the Nat Geo channel knows what to expect when they see a beautiful gazelle crossing the plain.  A bigger, stronger animal will be eating that gazelle...probably by dragging it into a tree and fending off other animals.

The following video isn't "gory" by any means.  But it is a bit disturbing, because we don't view kitty cats as prey.  But guess who does?  Almost everything else!!