After her retirement announcement, Dwyer & Michaels called Paula Sands to talk to her about her long and storied career, and during the call, she invited the Dorks to come on her show, so they dropped by on Monday for two segments during Paula Sands Live.


Listen to Paula Sands on Dwyer & Michaels:

During their stop by Paula's show, they talked about working in the Quad Cities for 30+ years, the history of the Rock n' Roll Mansion and 97X's rich history.

In a second segment, they talked the new live-performance abilities of the new studio and the upcoming Halloween Ball and Stay Out of The Ditch Car Show.

In the segment, the band featured in The Comancheros, a Columbia, Missouri-based band Dwyer & Michaels had in the studio in 2023. The band is described as "ZZ Top meets Star Wars." Check out their performance below:

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