If you've ever listened to Dwyer & Michaels, you know that every Friday at 7am, we play 'The Friday Song,' which is Todd Rundgren's 'Bang The Drum All Day.'

We saw it as a fun song that speaks for all of us, saying 'It's Friday, and I don't want to work.' It's worth noting that Dwyer wanted to play it every day, but we decided against it.

Every Friday, at 7am we've played the song, since 1989. It's become a part of our show. We're even mentioned in the Wikipedia entry for the song:


Now, Todd Rundgren has been nominated for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and we need YOU to help us vote him in.

All you need to do is go to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame's website and vote for Todd Rundgren.



Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

This song has been multi-generational for our listening audience, hell, even Hairball remembers rocking out to it on the way to kindergarten, and he works for us now.

Here's some testimony from our listeners:

 I moved to TN 9 years ago. Even after 9 years removed from the QC, I’m not mentally prepared for the weekend until I hear the Friday song. Its an instant mood booster!



The FRIDAY song... what a return of memories from 20+ years ago. I remember being woken up by this song when I was a teenager. My dad used to listen to you dorks. When he was alive. Got me started too... have a great weekend.Please help us get this guy in the Hall of Fame. His music has been a key part of our career and lives.

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