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Macaques Is The Key To The Cure

There's a new facility on the way in a Georgia town that'll be used for breeding and researching Macaque (pronounced ma-kaak). They're going to start with around 15,000, but expect to reach 30,000 by the time they get them going.

48 Hours: Cyclist Kaitlin Armstrong Killed Rival

This weekend's 48 Hours episode was the story of Kaitlin Armstrong, a cyclist who killed her rival cyclist, Anna Moriah "Mo" Wilson, and was caught in Costa Rica after undercover agents responded to an ad for yoga instruction. Kaitlin was a little bit harder to find because she had plastic surgery done to change her appearance.

Convenience Store Bathroom Party Button

A chain of convenience stores called Hop Shop has a button in their bathrooms that starts a party.

Freezing Fog

Apparently we're dealing with a new one today called "Freezing Fog".

The National Weather Service says "Tiny, supercooled liquid water droplets in fog can freeze instantly on exposed surfaces when surface temperatures are at or below freezing."

Listener Jon was driving his truck through the fog today, and sent us a photo of the fog sticking to his mirror.

Jon Gravert
Jon Gravert

Stay safe out there, we've been getting reports of roads and bridges getting slick.

DJ Slick Rick Beheaded, But Not THAT Slick Rick

A Memphis-based DJ with the same name was found by his brother, decapitated in his home.

Mona Lisa Hit With Soup

The Mona Lisa was attacked yet again by someone protesting something. This time, the protestors threw pumpkin soup at the painting,

Jackie Robinson Statue Was Stolen

A Jackie Robinson statue that was donated to a youth baseball park in Kansas was stolen, leaving only behind his feet.

Speaking of Stolen Statue Pieces

Abraham Lincoln's bronze statue in Kentucky was a pretty iconic piece of a local park, and officials say that someone stole the hat off of it last month.

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