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Heart Postpones Their Whole Tour

Heart's Ann and Nancy Wilson Live in Concert, 2016
Concord Music Group

Heart has postponed the remainder of their tour due to health concerns from Ann Wilson, who said she had a surgery to remove something cancerous, and is doing preventative chemotherapy. She plans to return to the stage in 2025.

Parrot Waits For The Beat To Drop

A video was shared of a parrot dancing along to some club music during a build-up, but stopped right before the drop, just to dance even harder at the beat drop.

He gets it.

Firework Warning Video

The new firework warning video with mannequins where they blow them apart with fireworks is pretty funny to watch. But let's all get back to work on Monday with all the limbs and appendages we left with.

Grandma's Using A Grenade For A Hammer

Your grandma might be badass, but she's not "Using a grenade as a hammer for 20 years" badass.

This Guy Has A Horrible Japanese Beetle Problem

This guy lives on a farm and has a Japanese Beetle problem.

Nickelback Documentary

A new Nickelback documentary called Hate To Love: Nickelback is on Netflix.


Men's Wearhouse Outtakes: The Awful People

Watch for a good laugh.

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