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Climate Protestors Struck Again

Some climate protestors ran onto the green of the 18th hole at the Traveler's Tournament as Scotty Scheffler was about to take his final puts of the day to win the trophy.

Just Stop Oil protestors just rushed the 18th green of the travelers championship. They have all been arrested.
byu/GreenSnakes_ insports

First Pitch Clock Win In The MLB

Over the weekend, the Colorado Rockies had the first-ever win because of a pitch clock violation since the rule came to the MLB.

The Washington Nationals and the Rockies were in the 9th inning of their game, and after some singles, the bases were loaded with a 3-2 count.

Nat's pitcher Kyle Finnegan ran over his time on the pitch clock, resulting in the walk the brought in the winning run.

Hairball's Dek Team Finally Won

Hairball's Dek Hockey team finally won their first game, bringing their record to a season-high 1-13-0.

All the lines were cooking, and Hairball almost scored a goal twice but came up 0.


How It's Made: Goober

We were talking about Goober, the premixed jar of Peanut Butter AND Jelly being on the list at the #2 most unhealthy snack in the world (Just behind Zebra Cakes) and Dwyer found this awesome video of them filling the jars.

Ryne Sandberg

This weekend, the Cubs unveiled a statue of Ryne Sandberg outside of Wrigley. Check it out:

New York Mets v Chicago Cubs
Getty Images

Compared to the Ozzy Smith defensive dive statue, which is an action shot, it's the wrong pose to use for a guy known for his defense.

Busch Stadium
Getty Images

Or perhaps the Pete Rose statue:

Los Angeles Dodgers v Cincinnati Reds
Getty Images

John Force Accident

John Force, perhaps NHRA's most known name, was in a crash over the weekend. The 75-year-old dragster's car caught fire before hitting both guard walls.

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