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Kinion Classics Car Show

Row of classic 1955 - 1957 Chevys at a car show.
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We'll be broadcasting live and playing some tunes at Kinion Classic Auto in Clarence, Iowa for their car show this weekend. Find out more below!

Olympics Uniforms

Ralph Lauren is doing the outfits for the US Olympic team, and they look pretty good.

You can get all the Team USA stuff you could possibly want in the Team USA Store.

French Swimmer Wins, Hurts Himself

A French swimmer qualified for the Olympics, and appeared to hurt his shoulder in his intense celebration, holding his shoulder and pointing his trainer to something being wrong.

Nude Car Show In Wisconsin


There's a nude car show coming up in Wisconsin. If that's your bag, check out the deets.

Slash's New Album is a MUST Listen

Slash's new album, Orgy Of The Damned, is an absolute MUST listen, and is solid from front-to-back with special guests and familiar tunes.

One of the singles to promote the album was Killing Floor featuring Brian Johnson in a way that you've never heard. It's also featuring Stephen Tyler on harmonica.

The album includes appearances from Gary Clark Jr., Billy F. Gibbons, Chris Stapleton, Dorothy, Iggy Pop, Paul Rodgers, Demi Lovato, Brian Johnson, Tash Neal, Chris Robinson, and Beth Hart.

"People I Want To Punch In The Face"

Someone got out of their car at Aldi and found a piece of paper with the heading "People I Want To Punch In The Face" with names and times on them.

stepped out of my car at my local Aldi and noticed someone's, I assumed, grocery list on the ground.
byu/No_Animator6543 inFoundPaper

You can get your own version of the notepad at Kooky's Kloset.

RaZZ In Studio

We had Captain Samuel "RaZZ" Larson in studio today to talk about the F-22 Raptor Demo Team. RaZZ is from Davenport.

RaZZ takes the skies this weekend at the Quad City Air Show!

Connor McDavid In The Highlight Reel Again

The case for Connor McDavid as the greatest hockey player in the NHL continues to build after another play where he danced through the entire team to pass off to Corey Perry for an insane powerplay goal.

Nobody Will Buy Jordan's House

Michael Jordan's house in Highland Park has been up for sale off and on since 2012, but nobody will buy it - even at auction.

It could be yours for just $14.85M. Take a tour of your new place here:

And if that wasn't enough to convince you, here's another walkthrough:

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