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Jenna Wardlow
Jenna Wardlow

Great White Buffalo

A new Great White Buffalo has been born in Yellowstone. It's a sign of better times ahead, according to the Lakota.

A New Museum Opened In Arizona

It's the world's largest collection of fossilized turd, with over 8,000 pieces on display. USA... USA... USA...

The Year That Music Changed Everything

Dwyer's watching a new documentary series that he says is the most well-done music documentary he's ever watched. It's called 1971: The Year That Music Changed Everything on AppleTV.

Party Bus Is Now Banned

A rodeo bull named 'Party Bus' jumped the fence at a rodeo in Oregon and chaos insued until they were able to catch him.

The bull made it down the tunnel between the bleachers and ran around through the grounds until it made its way to the holding pens, where it got locked back up.

He's now been forced to retire from competition and is now excommunicado.

A Controversial Lifehack

There's a new lifehack that has the internet arguing - but it seems totally legit.

This woman puts her vegetables in the dishwasher to wash them rather than go wash each of them by hand in the sink.

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Joey Chestnut Has Been Banned From Nathan's Competition

Joey Chestnut got a deal to represent Impossible Hot Dogs, and now he's been banned from Nathan's 2024 Hot Dog Eating Competition because he's now representing a rival brand.

Make The Light Romantic

Iowa Hawkeyes on A NASCAR

Corey LaJoie will be repping Iowa at the first-ever NASCAR Cup Race in Iowa.

Streaker Got Streaked By The Cop's Taser

A fan in Cincinatti ran on the field and did a backflip, and while the crowd went wild, so did a cop's taser that took him down to the ground.

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