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Jenna Wardlow
Jenna Wardlow

Giraffe Tries To Steal A Kid

A video from one of those drive-thru safaris went viral after a giraffe tried to pick up a kid.

The video from inside the back of the truck shows the giraffe grabbed the kid by the shirt and lifted it a few feet in the air.

Hilarious Wheel of Fortune Throw Back

With this Friday being the last Wheel of Fortune Pat Sajak ever does, everyone's felt nostalgic with some of the funnier moments from his hosting over the past 40+ years.

These people were so focused on solving the puzzle that they weren't listening to each other's guesses.

Amped Up Naked Guy

A naked guy police are describing as "extremely amped up" crashed his car into the lobby of the Martin County Jail. He was "disrobed, except for a ladies' top," and kept saying the devil told him to kill everybody, and was also shouting about hating Donald Trump.

A Juror Was Offered A Bag Of Money

A juror in the fraud case against Feeding Our Future was offered a bag of $120,000 to acquit the defendants.

The report says a woman dressed in black showed up at the juror's home on Sunday night with a party bag, stuffed with wads of cash that equaled $120,000.

The 23-year-old juror's father-in-law answered the door just before 9pm, and the woman told him If the juror voted to acquit the seven defendants, there would be "more of that present tomorrow."

"This is outrageous behavior," Assistant U.S. Attorney Joseph Thompson told U.S. District Judge Nancy Brasel. "This is stuff that happens in mob movies."

What's The Story On This Sign?

Dwyer was at a bar in Mechanicsville yesterday, and he and Hairball noticed something about the sign... do you see it?

Woman Hit By Train In Back of Squad Car

A woman who was handcuffed in the back of a squad car after a high speed chase was severely injured when the squad car was struck by a train. She's been awarded a settlement of $8.5M.

The Silly String Fight

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