Thrillist has done God's work and have found what can be considered the most iconic beer in each state. I'm no stranger to 50 beers, so of course I had to check out their list.


Here are the beers they chose for Illinois and Iowa:

Chicago, Illinois' Goose Island Bourbon County Stout - Imperial Stout, 13.8%

The extent to which the beer nerd community lost its collective mind over the infections that triggered a recall of the 2015 BCS release speaks to just how indispensable it’s become in the beer ecosystem. The much-hyped sale to AB/InBev didn’t quench demand, and you may have noticed the excitement around the annual Black Friday release this year is as robust as ever. Through everything that’s happened, it remains the OG barrel-aged stout against which any upstart has to measure itself.

Decorah, Iowa's Toppling Goliath PseudoSue - American Pale Ale, 5.8%

From the rapidly rising Iowa brewery whose name proved to be quite prophetic, PseudoSue is its most recognizable offering. That’s partly because it’s a near flawless showcase for citra hops that seems to pack an unprecedented amount of flavor for such a modest ABV, and partly because of the big damn T-Rex on the label art (the beer takes its name from the largest near-complete T-Rex fossil ever found). Forget the Field of Dreams -- THIS is why you go to Iowa.

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