A Seattle area family was concerned when they suddenly had strangers knocking on their door at all hours of the night, which would make anybody uncomfortable.

The reason is because of a DoorDash glitch, but not one in their favor like we've seen where random orders just keep arriving at their house. This glitch had people looking for food.

Jessi Crabill and Cody Stone explained to KIRO7, “so what’s happening is our house is pinned as a Popeye’s restaurant.”

They have had cars pulling in and out of their driveway for over two weeks. The problem began right after a new Popeye's opened up in town, about 5 miles away.

The couple has contacted DoorDash about the problem multiple times about fixing the address. “Oh, it’s dangerous. If I was pulling up into someone’s yard at 11:00 at night, I would be nervous about it, especially if I was at the wrong place.”

Tired of the uninvited company that keeps arriving at their home at all hours of the day and night, they called their local news station. The reporter tested the app, and sure enough, a few minutes after ordering from Popeye's Louisiana Chicken 5 miles away, a confused driver showed up outside of the house.

Once the reporters reached out to DoorDash, then they got things taken care of.

“Our original handling of this case fell short of the high standards we set ourselves," DoorDash told the news station. "We have now resolved the issue and reached out to the couple to help make things right.”

As of that night, Popeye's pick-up orders stopped arriving at the house.

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