A woman was stunned when Doordash asked her to complete the order after her hospitalized husband was in a car accident.

What Is DoorDash?

DoorDash is an app that allows you to order food from local restaurants and have it delivered to your location. Orders are passed to DoorDash drivers, independent contractors who fulfill orders, delivering from restaurants to customers.

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Hearing The Bad News

On April 15, a Texas-based DoorDasher got into a car accident while on the clock and was rushed to the hospital.

"I was at work running my shift when I felt my phone go off," Miranda told Newsweek. "I thought it was my boss calling me but when the store phone rang my coworker handed it to me and saying it's urgent."

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Once Miranda had finished organizing cover for her job, she frantically grabbed a ride to the hospital, worrying about the state of her husband, who had been involved in a car accident.

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"I was so stressed because even though I was told he seemed fine, I had to see for myself to make sure. I cried so much because I was so worried about him. Seeing him on a stretcher just made me break even more," she said.

Order In Progress

Thankfully, neither her husband nor the other car driver was seriously injured in the accident. While the couple was waiting in the hospital room, he realized his DoorDash order was still in progress.

Meanwhile, the guy who ordered the food was like..._


"[He] freaked out," said Miranda. "He tried canceling it but he was all over the place and he didn't know what to do. I tried helping and accidentally called the customer but I let her know anyways what happened. I found a contact support button and it gave me a bot and after clicking the option to cancel, it said I was connected to an agent."

Miranda took a screenshot of the text conversation because the message she received back from DoorDash was absolutely bizarre.

The full screenshot of the conversation between Miranda and the DoorDash support. UNIQUELOTUS/REDDIT
The full screenshot of the conversation between Miranda and the DoorDash support.

The support worker replied to Miranda: "Too bad to know about the situation. Will you be able to complete the order?"

"I honestly let out a laugh when I was asked if I could deliver the food, I showed my husband and it cheered him up a bit funnily enough," she said. "Honestly it didn't surprise me but at the same time my husband and I both had a 'are you f****** for real' kind of thought in our head."

What Did DoorDash Say?

A DoorDash spokesperson told Newsweek: "This interaction with our support team falls below the high standards we set for ourselves at DoorDash, especially during a distressing and scary time. We take these matters seriously and are urgently investigating."

DoorDash also told Newsweek that its safety tool SafeDash, powered by ADT, is an in-app toolkit designed to give Dashers extra peace of mind.

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The woman voiced her dismay about the incident and its effects on her husband. "Though he doesn't have any physical injuries, he does keep having flashbacks about it," she said. "He didn't expect a response from the company but he was still annoyed they didn't reach out to him after and that we got the response we did when I canceled. I've always had negative feelings toward big companies and corporations. I say that as someone, along with my husband, have dealt with the exploitations that come with being a minimum wage worker."

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