The article in The Trib last weekend took two pages to tell us that in big cities everywhere (and, I assume coming to a vicinity near you) pet clean-up is becoming big business.  Not so much for the cleaner-uppers, but for a business who will DNA match the steaming pile you just stepped in with the dog (and more importantly, the owner who can be fined) that dropped it.

I for one am a big supporter of using the edges of scientific discovery for the tracking down and prosecution of dog owners whom let their feces pile pile up.

So far the registration is voluntary, meaning most of the people who have a dog in the DNA profile are unlikely to be in violation, but one day I have a vision of all of us being tracked with DNA and GPS by the NSA for the safety of the USA.  So I commend this next step in my overall safety--and only wish I had thought of it first.

This week on the show we will talk to the inventor of the doggie DNA kit, and try to find out when the IPO will be offered