Animal control and firefighters responded to a scary call in Falmouth, Massachusetts, and proved just how big of heroes they can be.

Falmouth Animal Control said when they arrived on Saturday, Bella the dog's neck was caught in an old tire.

Falmouth Animal Control via Facebook

It appeared she had stuck her head into the hold to investigate, but was unable to get it back out.

Falmouth Animal Control via Facebook

"Once on scene, initial attempts to free Bella from the tire were unsuccessful," Falmouth Animal Control said. "Falmouth Fire/Rescue were called in for assistance and after evaluation it was determined that the tire would need to be cut in order to free Bella."

Falmouth Animal Control via Facebook

The firefighters slowly and carefully sawed through the metal rim of the tire and set Bella free, according to the animal control.

Falmouth Animal Control via Facebook

Surely a bath and a treat later, Bella will be back to playing normally, and probably even made a few new friends with the firefighters who rescued her.

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