Buzzfeed shared a poll of "Unpopular Opinions," asking whether you agree or not, and it seems like most of these opinions are split straight down the middle. Some of these are a good way to end a family dinner early.

The results are pretty unsurprising to me, based on having most of these arguments with my wife at some point.

  • Cold weather is better than hot weather: 37% agree.
  • Nickelback is a pretty good band: 48% have no taste in music.
  • The show "Friends" is overrated: 37% agree that it's not that good.
  • Tomatoes ruin sandwiches: 35% need to stop being picky eaters.
  • Putting a period at the end of a text makes it seem more aggressive: 51% didn't score well in English class.
  • Orange juice is better with the pulp: 41% agree and apparently like to eat their drinks?
  • Making the bed is a pointless task: 48% agree that you're just going to mess it up again.
  • The letter "Q" is pointless and we should quit using it: 23% agree

Just bring one of these up at the next pointless meeting and you'll end up running out the clock.

Read more at Buzzfeed.

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