Well, we're just under a week away from a trip to St. Louis to see Cards/Cubs with a busload of our extended dysfunctional family.  I love these trips, and always come away with not only terrific stories, but a better understanding of how we are all invested in each other.  Taking our little community on the road is a blast!  LAst time we had a little photo scavenger hunt, which included getting a picture of a vendor pouring a beer--INTO YOUR MOUTH directly.  Great pictures, and a lot of fun during the game.  Security did find me to ask that I stop having fans grab ALL the foam fingers from the vendors for picture-taking, and we've had to bail out a few "Enthusiastic" travelers from the holding cells…but all-in-all Ditch Day is a fun time.  Looking forward to seeing you all!  And if you still want a shot on board the Cardinals Express, stop out to 100 Montaditos on Jersey Ridge Road, or Hall of Fame Pizza on State Street.  They will be drawing for tickets next week!

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