Passing a motorist on 67 yesterday he looked at me while I was going by--and gave me the stink-eye. Maybe if the jerk face hadn't been going slow in the left lane I wouldn't have had to flash my lights at him before going around him on the right.

But it got me thinking,where the heck did the term 'Stink-eye' come from? Sure most of us have used it, but I've always wondered in the back of my mind if I was using a dirty phrase I never really understood. While the urban dictionary has tried to use this phrase synonymously with "a**hole" it's never really held that definition. Well then, where did it come from?

The best i can tell from all the internet sources, it's originated among surfers in Hawaii in 1962, as a derivative of "evil eye". Surfers are suspicious, and in Hawaii, a religious group, who didn't like the karma of doing anything that contained 'Evil'--for fear of the negative energy coming back on them. So, instead of giving someone the 'Evil eye' for say, stealing your board wax, you gave them the 'stink-eye'. And all is well in the universe, and you still got your point across.

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