When you drive a DeLorean, I'm assuming that you probably hear a lot of "Back to the Future" references. But if you do drive one, don't take them seriously.

Nigel Mills is a 55-year-old guy from Essex, England and he drives a 1983 silver DeLorean, just like the one from "Back to the Future". He bought it at an auction for about $29,000.

Earlier this year, he got busted for speeding. Only check this out, he was going 89 miles-per-hour. Yep, just over 88 miles-per-hour, which is how the DeLorean travels back in time in the movie.

Nigel was in court on Wednesday and he said, "I can honestly say I wasn't trying to time travel." He says it was just early on a Sunday morning, it was an open road, and he wanted to see what the car could do.

He actually won the case. The judge threw it out because the prosecutors didn't have enough evidence to prove he was going that fast.

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