If you've been doing the job search thing for a while, it might be tempting to put it on hold until January. There's enough to deal with. Why throw a job search into the mix? No one's hiring until January anyway, right?

Well, according to the jobs site Glassdoor, you shouldn't get lazy because December can actually be the best month to land a job. You might not get hired in December unless you're looking for temporary, holiday work. But it's all about setting yourself up to get hired next month.

Basically, most people who are looking for jobs do get lazy around the holidays, or just can't find the time to keep looking.

If you apply for something right now, you're more likely to stand out, you stay ahead of the game, and you boost your chances of getting hired in January when companies have their new budgets.

The holidays are also a good time to network. Try to go to as many work-related Christmas parties as you can, and bring business cards.

Just don't be too pushy, or expect them to hire you right then and there. If someone's got a lead on a job, don't talk their ear off about it. Keep things light and social. Then just make sure you follow up.

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