Jessie Adams, a local personal trainer with Beliveinu Fitness, former Davenport Firefighter and former 'toilet paper saleswoman' according to the caption next to her name on American Gladiators in 2008, called in this morning to talk about being on the intense athletic game show.

“I’m the ‘tough single mom who sells toilet paper,’ ” the mother of three told the QC Times in 2008. “That really made me feel like I wasn’t very exciting.”

But, that didn't stop her from trying her hardest in the game show.

LISTEN: Jessie Adams Reminisces Her Appearance on American Gladiators

Jessie was set to participate in multiple events with a grand prize of $100,000 and a Toyota Sequoia on the line, but it was less than 30 seconds into the game Power Ball that put her run to an end.

Makc via YouTube
Makc via YouTube

In Power Ball, contestants must place various balls in various baskets across the course before getting tackled by one of the Gladiators. When she was tackled by the Gladiator, she knew she was injured.

"I remembered a pop, and then a very warm feeling running down my leg and all I could think was 'I hope I didn't just pee myself," Jessie told us this morning, reminiscing the incident that happened 15 years ago. "I went to get up, and my leg just didn't work."

Follow the video link below to see Jessie's segment of the show.

Since Jessie's injury, she went on to start Believeinu Fitness, where she's worked with names like UFC Welterweight Champion Robbie Lawler, Two Time UFC Heavyweight Champion Tim Sylvia, and more. She also competed on American Ninja Warrior.

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