The largest school district in the Quad Cities, the Davenport Community School District, will be holding a special meeting tonight, Thursday, September 16th. This special meeting is to have a discussion in regards to mandating masks throughout the school district after a federal judge blocked Governor Kim Reynolds' mask mandate ban.

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Those who have kids in the Davenport Community School District and want to give input on a possible mask mandate being implemented at Davenport schools, you're going to want to attend tonight's special meeting. Before tonight's meeting, officials from Davenport schools are asking for input.

Back in May, Governor Kim Reynolds signed into law Iowa Code § 280.31 that bans schools from mandating masks. On Monday, a federal judge blocked that ban and issued a temporary restraining order after a group of Iowa parents filed a lawsuit against the state. Gov. Reynolds plans to appeal the restraining order.

With the temporary restraining order in place, school districts across the state of Iowa can now implement mask mandates without breaking the law. The Davenport Community School District (DSCD) is one of those districts and they want input from parents, students, and community members ahead of tonight's special call meeting.

On the Google Form the DCSD Administration and Board of Directors created for input ahead of tonight's meeting, officials say that the form offers parents and students an opportunity to provide comments regarding possible mask requirements in Davenport Schools. They ask those who want to give their input to provide comments before 3:00 p.m. today, September 16, 2021.

All comments will be shared with the DCSD Board of Directors tonight and attached to the minutes of the Special Call Meeting. Tonight's meeting will be held at 5:00 p.m. where this topic will be discussed and action taken.

Open Forum for tonight's special meeting is not offered, nor is it offered at any Special Call meetings which means the survey is the only opportunity for input.

Those who want to watch tonight's meeting can do so with the YouTube link below:

Again, tonight's special meeting begins at 5 p.m. More details and the agenda can be found here.

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