A 20-year-old man from Davenport has set a new world record for "Most Claps In A Minute" with a whopping 1,140 claps within a 60-second window.

The previous holder, Eli Bishop, set the record at 1,103 back in 2018, and his record stood until recently.

Dalton Meyer from Davenport captured his record-breaking attempt on March 12th, 2022 at Charm Media Group in Geneseo. Finally, his record was verified on October 31st.

Guinness World Records via YouTube
Guinness World Records via YouTube

Dalton said he's been speed clapping since early of elementary after watching a YouTube video of Kent French, who at the time, held the first speed clapping record of 724 in the 60 second window.

According to Guinness, since Dalton started speed clapping, it has "evolved into new ways that have sped up and added to the final number."

“We had to use high speed cameras and precision audio devices from regulation set
distances to capture the record. It was amazing to see how fast Dalton could clap using
his method.”, said Robin Charlet with Charm Media Group, the company that captured Dalton's attempt.

Dalton used a technique named "Wrist clapping," where he slaps his wrist, then fingers into his palms. The old style was just a typical clap, but when Eli Bishop used wrist clapping in his 2018 record setting attempt, it changed the clapping game.

In the future, Dalton plans to heighten his clapping number, and he hopes he can compete with others in future records.

Read more at Guinness World Records

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