Last time the Food Network came to town looking for someone to star on one of their shows, they were looking for the best of the bakers. This time, they were looking for the worst of the cooks.

Johannes "Yo" Phelps appeared on "Worst Cooks in America" to go through "boot camp training" to learn how to cook from celebrity chefs, working for the chance of a $25,000 prize.

He learned how to balance balancing of flavor and presentation.

Phelps told Our Quad Cities, “There’s definitely a sense of pride when you can put something on the table for your children. And you know it’s not gonna make them sick, no one’s going to the hospital, and they may actually get some nutrition out of it, and you didn’t have to go to a fast food restaurant and give them those kinds of fats and bad food to them.”

The first episode of the season premiered Sunday, and Yo won the round for his team.

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