Remember high school? It may be easier for some to remember than others. One of the things I remember was the need to feel accepted by my peers. Having the right clothes and shoes acted like a shield of protection. I was lucky.

However, not all teenagers have the luxury of having that shield of protection due to financial constraints. Times have been tough this year, and Kevin Phelps of Davenport decided to step in to help.

Phelps, a graduate of Davenport Schools donated 25 pairs of shoes to Davenport Central High School for students in need.
"I just dropped off 25 pairs of Forces, Jordan's and some more at Central High. If you kid is being bullied, tell them to hit up the office and get right," Kevin Phelps posted on Facebook.

Davenport Central High School's Principal, Jon Flynn, told us, "I actually heard about it from some students first--this individual, a former DCSD student of mine at North, took it upon himself to help others out. The shoes were delivered to our Counseling and Student Services Center and will be put to good use. This was a much appreciated act of kindness that we will encourage our students to pay forward!"

The shoes are size 11.5-12 Men's and also size 8 for women.

Great work, Kevin.

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