The Quad Cities has seemingly become a go-to for Jeopardy questions recently, and Thursday night's episode featured the area once again.

"This large upholstered couch that shares its name with the largest of the Quad Cities along the Iowa-Illinois border."

If you grew up with parents or grandparents born in the 40's or older, you've probably been told "It's on the davenport," or "Have a seat on the davenport."

The name davenport for sofas came from the series of sofas created by Massachusetts manufacturer A. H. Davenport and Company and is most popularly used by those born before or around World War II.

None of the contestants knew the answer, which of course was "Davenport, Iowa."

Check out this clip on the show:

The last time the Quad Cities area was used in the show was just back in October.

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In the Double Jeopardy! round of Wednesday, October 5th's episode, one of the categories was "Company Towns."

After correctly guessing "Steel", contestant Tory correctly for $1200 to answer the clue "Lynch, Kentucky was built in 1917 by U.S. Coal & Coke, a subsidiary of U.S. this."

Sider-Defender Channel via YouTube
Sider-Defender Channel via YouTube

She asked for another category "Company Towns" for $800.

The clue that popped up is one we should all get.

"If you attend JDMS in the agricultural equipment-making town of Moline, Illinois, that's short for this middle school"

Sider-Defender Channel via YouTube
Sider-Defender Channel via YouTube

It's an easy question.

John Deere is headquartered in Moline, and JDMS - John Deere Middle School.

Google Maps
Google Maps

I timestamped to the exact moment the answer the question, it was around the 13:00 mark.

Jeopardy is on at 4:30 on weekdays on your local NBC affiliate.

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