Halloween, that spooky holiday that feels like it’s grown closer and closer to us over the years, is just around the corner again. Between decorations, treats, costumes, and candy, kids are bound to get excited about this spooky holiday.

Everyone likes to be scared when they're watching a horror movie but no one likes it when their three-year-old son tells them about the time he saw his dead grandmother in the living room with no head, or when their four-year-old daughter insists that her invisible friend will kill everyone in the house. But why do kids say these creepy things? Are they just trying to scare their parents? Is there something wrong with them? Or are these child prodigies just amazingly insightful?

When my daughter was 4 or so she woke me up to grab her a drink of water.  We walked downstairs to the kitchen but I didn't want her to "wake up" for real so I kept the lights off.  We're sitting on the couch having a cup of water in the pitch black livingroom and she says, "There is a man on the wall of my bedroom."

"Oh my", I said.

"Do you want to meet him?" she asked.

"Absolutely not", I said and I marched her straight up to her room, tucked her in and ran full speed from her bedroom to mine and jumped into the bed & hid under the covers.

Kids are creepy.

Here's just another example


@ana_mana_piaThis happens a lot #reincarnation #kidssaythedarnestthings #momsoftiktok #over30

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