A couple in the U.K. recently held their wedding reception at a KFC with 40 guests and it cost them less than $150.

Cherish and Edward Simms celebrated their wedding by inviting their friends and family to the local KFC in Blackpole, UK. The couple loves fried chicken so much, that there was no other choice for them in deciding where to host their reception.

"It was a joint decision and we thought it would be a bit of fun," Cherish said. "We love eating chicken and chips and we probably order food from there around once a week."

"We didn't want a boring reception where we would have to organize everything ourselves so we thought why not see if it was possible."

For about £100, which is just under $150, they were served all the sides, desserts, and family-sized meals that the fast food chain could offer.

Read more at Worcester News.

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