46-year-old Curtis McCoy in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina was drinking with his husband, joking around, and it was all fun and games until Curtis made a joke about his husband only having one testicle.

According to the report, Curtis “brought up how the victim only has one testicle which caused the victim to get upset," and his husband started yelling and pointing his finger.

Curtis wasn't a fan of the pointing, so he grabbed it and twisted, "causing his husband pain."

It's not clear who called the police, but when they arrived, Curtis denied touching his husband, saying “I only grabbed his finger and twisted it when he pointed it at me.” He added that the couple “learned their lesson from last time they both got arrested for domestic violence.”

Clearly, they didn't learn that lesson very well, because Curtis was arrested for domestic violence.

There's no word on why the husband only has one testicle.

Read more at The Smoking Gun

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