A South Carolina couple is facing child neglect charges for placing their infant daughter in a bicycle trailer that they towed behind their moped as they went on a food run to Taco Bell.

18-year-old Bianca Rose Allen and 21-year-old Mark Andrew Cherry were arrested on Sunday after a state trooper pulled over the couple’s moped and found a bicycle trailer perilously tethered to the moped by a one-inch nylon strap. The trailer also had one flat tire and did not have any safety reflectors attached to it.

Allen said that her seven-month-old baby was “buckled up” in the bicycle trailer, adding that she was unaware that the carriage could not be used behind a motor vehicle.

Custody of the infant was turned over to Allen’s mother, with whom Allen and the baby reside. As a result of her arrest, Allen is not allowed to have unsupervised visits with her daughter.

(Horry County Police Department)