Here's a question: If you were super rich, could you buy every existing combination of numbers and guarantee a win? The answer is yes, but it's a terrible idea.

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It would cost $584 million to buy every combination and you'd need a whole army of people buying them around the clock to have enough time to buy all 292 million tickets.

The lump-sum jackpot payment is estimated to be about $868 million, which would give you a $284 million profit if you bought every ticket. But, if any other person hits the jackpot and you have to split it, you go from a $284 million win to at least a $100 million loss. And you've only got a 22% chance of being the only winner, which makes it a terrible bet.

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The current Powerball jackpot is over a billion now, because no one's won since November 4th. Plenty of people have matched the five regular numbers without the getting the Powerball, which wins you a sweet $1 million.

In fact, the Powerball has made 67 people millionaires since the last time someone won the jackpot, including 28 on Saturday. So hey, even if you don't win a billion tomorrow, maybe you'll just miss and get a million-dollar consolation prize.

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