There's a woman who lives in West Norriton Township, Pennsylvania who's been diagnosed with something called mechanophilia, a sexual attraction to vehicles. And it's very real.

Apparently the traffic driving past the woman's house was just filled with too many sexy cars for her to handle. She bolted out of her house and started running through traffic until someone called the cops.

When they caught up with her, she was standing in a parking lot and the cops reminded her that running through traffic is dangerous and took her home. She then ran over to a Nissan Pathfinder, kissed it, hugged it, and called it "Husky Bear." Then she yelled at another car who she wasn't quite so into.

She has a history of running off like this, her company even has two health aides stay with her at her house but they're not allowed to grab her, so there's not that much they can do. She isn't facing any charges for her little run through town.

Read more at The Smoking Gun.

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