Who knew there's this little cult of foodies who not only love to eat at Johnnies, but can learn their way around some of their signature dishes at the same time?  Once a month they feature a dinner that is made before your eyes, and my wife and I went to the most recent sold-out show.

And it is a Show.  Marc and Eric are mixing and cooking and tossing like pros.  And you can follow along on the printed cards, or just enjoy the chemistry these guys have while preparing something great.

Our experience proves that anything can be fun if you add 3 glasses of wine!  My buddy Jeno even got to cut an onion (after donning the required safety glove.)  All told it's a great way to spend a Tuesday night away from the kids, having a few laughs, and wondering, if only briefly, what would would be if only I had paid more attention in high school Home-Ec...

I don't think Johnnies needs to worry anytime soon about the opening of 'Greggies' though.

Once properly gloved, audience members can slice an onion without OSHA breathing down our necks.