Conservation On Tap is the event you didn't know you needed in your life. Not only do you get to learn about all the conservation efforts happening in your neck of the woods, but you also get to raise a glass and cheers to saving the planet.

Whether you're a local farmer, landowner, or resident of Iowa who is interested in learning more about conservation practices...who happens to enjoy a great frosty beverage...this event is for you!

Conservation On Tap

The event is called "Conservation On Tap" and it gives folks an opportunity to listen, share and learn with peers and ISU experts regarding conservation topics.

Topics include improving water quality, reducing flooding impacts, and managing risk from weather variability and climate change. Anyone who is passionate about conservation and the environment would find this event to be beneficial.

Plus Matt Erickson from Stompbox Brewing will join the conversation, so if you want to know more about brewing and the importance of water quality in the brewing process, this is a great event for you.

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Event Details

This FREE event, open to the public, will take place on January 26th, from 6-7pm, at Stompbox Brewing in Davenport. There will be no formal presentations or agenda, just a chance to talk, ask questions, listen and learn while enjoying a beverage and a snack.


If you're planning on attending, RSVP by calling 515-294-5429 or emailing

About Your Conservation on Tap Hosts

Liz Ripley, an outreach specialist from Iowa Learning Farms, states that the event is intended to help build community by encouraging people to talk about important conservation topics in their community.

Hosts at the event will include Clare Lindahl, CEO of the Soil and Water Conservation Society, Sara McMillan, Professor of Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering at Iowa State University, and Liz Ripley.

Matt Erickson with Stompbox Brewing will also join in the conversations as to why water quality matters for brewing.

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