A lot of craft beer lovers were saddened with the recent announcement that Blue Cat Brewing Co. was closing due to staffing issues. After they made this decision, they also won SIX medals at the World Beer Championship, which is a distinguished competition of the best beers in the world.
The irony behind Blue Cat closing and them raking awards can't be made up.
But, who wants such great beer to go to waste?
Not you, not us, and certainly not Charlie Cole, co-owner and brewmaster of Blue Cat. 
Blue Cat brought home a Gold medal, four Silvers, and Bronze; see the list of medal-winning brews:
  • Papa Bear Smoked Beer - Gold
  • Arkham Stout - Silver
  • Mallard Amber Ale - Silver
  • Back on Track Pale Ale - Silver
  • Big Bad Dog Old Ale - Silver
  • Festbier - Bronze
This week only (1/16-1/20) they will temporarily open from 3pm-8pm for bar service only. They also have some deals on beer, including $5 Pints and $10 64oz. Growler fills.
While they do not sell growlers, you can find growlers at most QC breweries for as little as $5. Don't miss your chance to enjoy some great brews!

Someone Save The Blue Cat!

In the press release sent, it says, "the brewmaster is hopeful that an interested party looking to take over the restaurant operations will come along soon and hopefully give “The Cat” another life."

My fingers are crossed that someone jumps on board!


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