This man has a banging campaign!

In an attempt to highlight his "sex-positive" political platform, a Manhattan congressional candidate released an online porn video, starring himself.

Third-party candidate, Mike Itkis, is currently running in New York’s 12th District against current representative Jerry Nadler. Itkis's idea of gaining votes was to release his 13-minute sex tape with adult movie star Nicole Sage.

The “Bucket List Bonanza” video
The “Bucket List Bonanza” video

Mike Itkis said he released this sex tape to prove he’s truly excited about legalizing sex work.

“If I would just talk about it, it wouldn’t demonstrate my commitment to the issue,” he told City & State. “And the fact I actually did it was a huge learning experience, and it actually influenced items on my platform.”

The video is titled “Bucket List Bonanza,” and he refers to it as “a conversation piece.” He said this was his first time having sex on camera.

(The link to the sex tape is not here, just google "Bucket List Bonanza" if you're curious.)

The woman in the video is Nicole Sage, who acts as “a slutty girl from New Mexico.”

“I’m very much an introvert,” Itkis said. “I’m kind of a nerd who doesn’t like to be the center of attention if I can avoid it. But I thought the issues I’m trying to address are so important.”

“I wanted to have my issues talked about in some way,” he said.

Under the about section of Itkis’ campaign page, he states his background as “Not married. No kids. Not celibate. Atheist” and says he is dedicated to “ending adultery laws” and “decriminalizing and legalizing sex work.”

Here Is What Twitter Had To Say:

These are the Twitter comments I live for. I can't stop laughing.

Okay, one more.

Would he get your vote?

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