Congrats to all of the bands that performed last night at the inaugural QC Rock Academy Battle of the Bands!  All of them did an incredible job and should all be proud.  It takes a lot to guts to get up on stage...let alone do it with your heart on your sleeve (they each performed an original song).

I wish I would've saved my notes from judging so I could pass them along here...but there was a lot of "Wow!  Nice guitar work!" "Those drums ruled" and "Bass & vox is NOT an easy task".

Greg (dude from QC Rock Academy, among other projects) and the teachers did a great job putting this together.  QCRA is sure to become a Quad Cities institution...where only the cool kids hang out!  My prediction is someone from The Rock Bottom Club will return to teach at the school several years down the line.

Let it be known:  The QC rock scene will be in good hands once these bands are released upon the world!