is looking for a new reviewer for their publication. The job would pay up to $36,000 a year, and you'd get free samples of weed strains, vapes, and edibles. You'd also get free CBD oils. Get this job and you won't have to roll your doobies in a van down by the river anymore, you'll be able to get a decent apartment.

The company isn't just looking for anyone who CAN smoke, they're looking for someone who WILL smoke every day and has extensive knowledge of the plant and market. You also have to live either in Canada, or a state where it's currently legal.

You won't be receiving health insurance or benefits like a normal full time job, because you'll be an independent contractor.

Your day to day will look like recording a short video of you unboxing a product, trying it, and giving it an honest review and an explanation of the product.

Basically, as long as your current employer doesn't care, you can probably manage to do this on top of your current job. Extra $36,000, plus free bud sounds like a good deal to me.

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