You can't just rely on your spellchecker when you're writing an email or your résumé. Here are some tricky words that won't always get caught by it.

  • "Led." As in you "led the meeting yesterday." A lot of people think it's spelled L-E-A-D, but that's just when it's present tense.
  • "Manager." People miss the second "A" all the time and write "manger," as in "away in a manger." Both real words, so spellcheckers tend to miss it.
  • "Judgment." A lot of people add an "E" after the "G," which is how it's spelled in England. But in the U.S., the entire word only has one "E" in it.
  • "Identify." This one's just a typo. People write "identity" by mistake a lot. Which is easy to do, because the "T" and "F" are right next to each other on your keyboard.
  • "Ensure." If you're talking about making sure something happens, then it starts with an "E." It only starts with an "I" if you're talking about insurance.
  • "Affect" vs. "Effect." One starts with an "A," and the other starts with an "E." The one with an "A" is almost always used as a verb like, "missing your deadlines negatively AFFECTS my day." The one with an "E" is usually used as a noun like, "missing your deadline had a negative EFFECT on my day."

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