I've heard of Florida Man and Florida Woman, the crime committing duo constantly in the news, but Florida Church??

Action Church in Florida has made headlines after being reported for noise complaints 222 times since December of 2018.

Senior Pastor Justin Daily says they have three 60 minute services every Sunday, and that when the house is full, the noise can reach 90db.

One of the neighbors says he knows when the music will start on Sunday, but he also hears the music throughout the week. Neighbors claim they call the police, the police go into the church, and the volume comes down. The police's response only lasts for about thirty minutes, when the volume comes back up.

Neighbors held a peaceful protest Sunday outside the church. One of the organizers said "We will not be shouting or chanting, just showing quiet support for those affected by the bass being generated by Action Church."

Rock on Action Church, rock on.

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