I guess this is one way to get the house spotless.

Here's a new made-up word for you: CHOREPLAY.

That's where a wife or husband, but almost certainly wife, offers sexual favors in exchange for their significant other cleaning the house.

Of course, there's some controversy around it, one relationship counselor says, "Ultimately, you may feel like you're in a transactional relationship, constantly bartering to get your needs met. And that doesn't feel good."

So if you're worried about that, or that choreplay is reinforcing bad gender stereotypes, or that chores are just part of adult life that shouldn't require rewards like you're six years old, or whatever here's an alternative.

Some couples say they do "chore dates" where they tackle a tough project at home together, then go have a nice dinner and get-it-on.

Read more at the New York Post.

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