Dr. Douglas Fredrick treated a 12-year-old boy who, for just a moment, remove his goggles while at a paintball range. In that moment, the boy got hit by a projectile and one of his eye ruptured.

Ten years later the patient wears glasses to aid his one healthy eye.

Dr. Fredrick notes that "air gun injuries specifically are going up." From 1990 to 2012 injuries from BB, pellet, and paintball guns have rose 168.8%. Other common injuries came from basketball, baseball, and soccer.

Pediatricians want everyone to be aware of just how common and severe eye injuries can be. The need for eye protection is recommended for most activities, but it's not popular with the youngsters.

"In some cases, this may require a culture change within the sport so that children are expected to use appropriate eye protection," Dr. Gary Smith told CNN. "Appropriate eye protection can help prevent injuries and keep children active and in the game."

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