A Chicago Police Department officer was hospitalized after officials say a naked woman attacked him with his own service vehicle and drug him a few dozen feet, video shows.

The Chicago Police responded to reports of a nude woman lying in the street around 9:45 am Monday in Chicago. Officials say as officers tried to help her, she charged at them and started to reportedly attack them.

Officials say the woman then jumped in the officer's SUV and drove over the officer while trying to escape, dragging him with the door around twenty feet before he was able to roll out of the way. That officer was hospitalized with injuries to his head and leg.


The video shared on social media shows the woman, wearing only unbuttoned shorts which are hanging below her butt, forcing her way into the squad car.

The woman crashed into another car around three miles away, where she was taken into custody.

An investigation into what led up to this event is ongoing.

No charges have been filed against the woman yet.

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